1Do Metal Roofs cost more than shingle roofs?
Metal roof systems do cost more than a standard shingle roof. The reason why is because of the detail and fabrication that goes into installing a Standing Seam Metal roof system. It takes a skilled professional with technical knowledge and special equipment to correctly install a metal roof. Also Metal Material is simply more expensive than asphalt. Metal Roofs are a closed fastened system meaning the outside elements will never touch the fasteners that were installed to keep your metal roof in place. Metal roof systems are a lifetime product so you will never have to worry about replacing your roof for the next 50 to 70 years. They are also Non Combustible and reflect heat to reduce home cooling costs. So the verdict is in fact Metal roofs will actually end up saving you money in the long run. 
2How do I figure out the square footage of my roof?
roof sq. is not to be mistaken for sq feet. On a roof,a Square is (10ftX10ft). So with that said if you measure the Length and Width of each roof plane of your home then divide that number by 100 you get your roof sq amount. LxW=sq ft divided by 100=Roof Sq
3How long will a new asphalt shingle roof system last?
Depending on what type of shingle you choose a standard architectural shingle should last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. another factor is the type of underlayment a roofing contractor will use. Up North Exteriors uses high quality shingles and Underlayment including 30# Felt to dry in and protect your home. We also use a high quality Ice and Water Shield for Ice dam and snow protection. So the end result is it all depends on what type of material the contractor uses and what type of shingles are being installed.
4How do i choose the right Roofing contractor for the job?
When your considering a roofing contractor to choose don't always pick the cheapest Quote. Look at what materials they use, is it tar paper (outdated underlayment) or is it a 30# felt with a good shingle selection. Most likely if one bid is higher than another its for a reason either there a bigger company or The Shingles and Materials used are Top quality which in turn cost more. Ever heard you get what you pay for? well that really applies to Roofing because the more experience and more High quality products that company uses is going to cost a little more and that's not a bad thing as your Roofing is the most important part of protecting your Hard earned investment. Also ask for references and some pictures or locations of prior projects that were completed in your area. Make sure they are Properly Insured to protect yourself and your home if anything was to happen. So when all said and done really its up to you the customer to evaluate these things and choose the right man or company you feel is best to replace your new roof.
5My Roof is leaking do i need to replace the entire roof?
Not Exactly,In fact most leaks come from improper Flashing installation,Chimneys,pipe boots,and skylights. All can be repaired without roof replacement. on the other hand if your entire roof was installed incorrectly and Or cheap materials were used for your roof replacement and there are multiple leaks most likely a Full roof replacement might be necessary.Always ask a professional Roofing contractor to come out and take a look. Most will do a free evaluation.
6Why should I hire a roofing company, Cant i Do it myself?
Its always best to leave roofing to the pros. Roofing contractors know how to properly install your new roof system to manufactures specifications not only for proper roof function but for warranty purposes as well. Improper Roof installation could result in a serious problem for the rest of your home if not installed correctly. Most roofers are skilled at what they do and most importantly know how to walk on a roof without the possibility of falling and injuring themselves or others. Not everyone can do roofing as its very labor intensive and dangerous if you don't do them every day. Also Roofers are set up with proper tools and equipment to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner because the longer your roof is exposed to the elements the more likely leaks are bound to occur. so the moral of the story is Hire a Professional roofing contractor to install your new investment because your home depends on it.
7What will my new roof cost?
It all depends. There are a lot of factors that go into estimating a roof. The first and most obvious is what type of roof do want. There is a wide variety of roof systems out there but a Metal roof for instance is going to cost more than a standard shingle roof for reasons explained above. Next how complex is your roof? are there dormers or is it a ranch style home with no valleys. Another factor is How steep is your roof. Low pitched roofs that are 6/12 and under will be a little cheaper than a house that is steep pitched such as a 12/12. How accessible is it to get shingles in and out of your property. Some homes are on the water or up on a hill and may be hard for clean up and disposal. Are you going over your existing shingles or tearing off for a full roof replacement (Recommended). All these factors go into evaluating the cost of your new roof So when you put your estimates together don't always choose the cheapest bid as it does not always mean its better and will save you money. So take into consideration that a higher bid indicates that contractor uses quality material for his roof systems.